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  1. Are your lawyers Lithuanians or British?

    The chief lawyer at our company is British, but her legal assistants are Lithuanians, so you’ll have an option to receive all communication from us in Lithuanian.

  2. I’ve heard a law firm run by Lithuanians went under with all the compensations and people got nothing at all…

    There was such a case indeed, but likely the firm was not registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We are registered with the SRA and under their strict supervision – you can verify this at the Law Society website. Moreover, our lawyer and all her legal assistants are registered with the SRA and CILEX, so you can file a grievance with them should we make any breach of law.

  3. I’ve heard that English lawyers strike bargains with the defendants and agree over compensations to their clients (corrupt practices)

    That’s a myth: solicitors are under very strict regulation by the SRA and CILEX, and any malpractice leads to very severe sanctions.

  4. How can I know you are not scammers?

    Verify our registration.

  5. Could I talk to your current customers to get their feedback on your performance?

    Data protection laws prohibit us from revealing identities or contact information of our customers.

  6. Can I come to your office to have a face-to-face meeting with you?

    Yes, our office address is Advokatai Ltd, Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN.

  7. Can you come visit me?

    Yes, we can come and visit you, regardless of your location in the UK.

  8. I don’t want my room-mates to know about my case

    We can communicate by email or send all the paperwork to any address you specify, however we must know your full home address (for legal reasons).

  9. How long will the case take?

    It depends on the specific situation as well as severity of injury: it can be within a year, while some cases take a few years.

  10. How big will my compensation be?

    The compensation consists of general damages (injury estimates are available online) and special damages (financial losses – often these comprise the major part of the compensation amount and exceed the general damages many times). For us to win the largest amount possible for you, it is crucial to gather all the evidence available. This can take a while. Our aim is to do everything reasonably possible in order to maximize your compensation, because your injury can be compensated only once in the lifetime.

  11. What will I have to do in the process? I know nothing about obtaining medical documents or taking witness statements

    We will do everything on your behalf, all you’ll need to do will be to confirm you agree with the statements and sign documents, which we will explain you in full.

  12. I have never had any legal matters in England, I have no idea about that. What if I make a mistake or misunderstand something – after all, the documents will be in English, right?

    One of our key advantages is that our team includes Lithuanians who have been improving their professional skills in England, which enables us to give any answers and explanations in Lithuanian. However, please note that all the documentation must be in English, pursuant to the English law. Should you wish, we will be able to provide you with translations of certain documents (such as medical records) into Lithuanian.

  13. Will I have to go to court?

    This will depend on the quality and quantity of evidence supporting your claim. About 95% of the cases are settled out of court.

  14. What can I do to maximize my compensation?

    We will discuss your claim in detail and explain what you should do to help yourself and what not to do so as not to aggravate your situation, because there are many things in the legal process that depend on you. Our professionals are experts in the job they do, so if you fully cooperate you can rest assured we will do everything reasonably possible to maximise your compensation.

  15. I cannot continue working in England, the costs of living are just too high, can I return to my home country while you handle my case?

    We do understand the effects injuries make on people’s lives, so yes, you can return to your home country. Should there be a need for you to come and meet the forensic medicine expert, we will help you to obtain travel tickets.

  16. Will I lose my job if I file a claim?

    Every employee in England is protected against mistreatment by employer while exercising his/her rights to be compensated, so should you experience any discrimination at work it will give you grounds to take additional legal action for discrimination and victimisation at work. Therefore it is not very realistic that your employer could act so foolishly and risk facing additional legal action.

  17. My employer offers me £4000 if I do not go to lawyers

    The choice is yours, but we have never had a case with employer’s offering being adequate to the injury. In many cases the compensation obtained by legal action exceeds the employer’s offering multiple times. If you accept the employer’s offering and sign the corresponding papers restricting your rights to sue, you may lose your opportunity to get adequate compensation.

  18. I am currently unemployed, I desperately need money, so I am not sure I can wait until you get the compensation paid to me… Can you lend me some money? I will repay with my compensation?

    Although the legal proceedings may take years, your employer may assume liability in a few months, and if liability is assumed we can request an interim payment.

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